Please watch the photos on the Danish version

All my life I have been working with subjects where I should use my hands and head in a creative way, like sewing, knitting and more. I didn’t have much money as a child, so I used what I could find and get for free.
 More than 20 years ago I learned the word patchwork. I had been doing similar things for years, not knowing, it was “something”. I had a sister in law who taught me the word and she wanted me to learn this thing. I was not hooked on the idea, because it seemed to me, that you had to make things already invented. But I said yes to her showing me how to sew fabric on templates and then sew them together. The technique learned I chose to make my own patterns. I did some placemats with the same pattern, but placed the fabrics in different positions. They are long gone and I have no photos of them. It was before digital cameras came out. Next project was my own design, small things made of fabric, I had dyed with batik colors.  They still are in use.
My first wall quilt, sewn on machine and not quilted was made of fabric from many places, given to me and scraps from other project. I never had a photo of it and when it was nearly warn out it ended its life as a blanket in the dog’s basket.  

I used a lot of time to dye fabrics for my first real patchwork. The fabrics are all kind of PFD cottons and silk. Afterwards it took an enormous amount of time to cut all the squares. I didn’t know the Rotary Cutter, so every bit was cut with scissors and had a pencil line, where to sew. The quilt was finished in 1990 and it has followed me ever since.  It has faded a bit, but when you think of it hanging in direct sunlight for some years, it’s very little.

Text under the photo says: Detail of my first quilt; the angels are there all year round

After this experience I have been hooked. In 1994 some women started a small guild, called Lappedyrkerne, in Aalborg . We had some teachers come to our group and I learned from them. I was the chairwoman for some years. After moving from Aalborg I have not been in a guild. Usually I design my own things starting with a small sketch. I very often end up using my computer, scanner and whatever I can think of. I make the templates and print what I need. I never think of how I’m going to sew it. That’s a problem I solve, when I know how I want it. I sew almost everything on machine and mostly the quilting is on the machine, too. Through the years I have found inspiration from American books. In Denmark we had a book club specialized in patchwork and I bought a lot. Harriet Hargrave, Libby Lehman, Jinny Beier just to mention a few. Today I by directly if I want something. The Internet is the source for inspiration now and being a member of The Quilt Show is invaluable. For years I bought my fabrics in USA and I have a stash, but for some reason there’s never, what I need. That’s why I today try to dye what I need. It’s still in the beginning so sometimes I have to dye before I can complete a project. But it is very satisfying.

Photo shows a handpainted piece before wash